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Did You Find A Lost Dog?
Call Falmouth Animal Control at 508-457-2552 or Falmouth Police Department at 774-255-4527.

Did Your Dog Go Missing?
Learn the steps to follow.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Matteo, 3 years old, male, standard poodle

Matteo continues to be a very popular boy and has had a couple of home visits with interested applicants already.

It has been educational for us to see how Matteo reacts in a home environment with all the distractions that are inevitably present. Based on these home visits, we've been able to conclude that Matteo would prefer to be the only dog in the home. It's not that Matteo doesn't like other dogs but he doesn't show much interest in playing or interacting with them. Cats in the house aren't a serious issue—Matteo knows they are there but he generally ignores them.

Matteo is a curious boy and will investigate everything around him. He explores boundaries like a puppy, because even though he's 3 years old, he doesn't appear to have been given any formal training during his early years. He will need a home in which the adopters understand pack hierarchy and are comfortable establishing and maintaining that hierarchy in the home.

We will require that adopters take Matteo to training. On the plus side, Matteo is a very smart dog, learns quickly and is eager to please, so training with Matteo will be an enjoyable, bonding experience that will only deepen your relationship with him and maximize his potential.

Due to his large size, we are only considering adopters with active adults who have large-breed experience. Older children in the household would be welcome, as Matteo loves to play (his favorite game is catch with a tennis ball). Toddlers, however, could easily get knocked over. Matteo has the potential to be an outstanding dog in the right family. If you think you are that family, we encourage you to come down and meet him.

What to do when your dog goes missing

Fireworks Season

When the loud bangs start happening, dogs can get upset. They sometimes bolt and can run quite far in their panic, risking injury. We see a lot of strays come through the shelter this time of year. Many of them are visiting the area. If you have friends visiting with their pets, make sure you know the numbers of all the animal control departments for the nearby towns.

In Falmouth, the procedure for an animal emergency is to call the police department at 774-255-4527 and press 0 for the dispatcher. An animal control officer will be notified.

In Mashpee, the animal control office can be reached at 508-539-1442.

Make Sure Your Pets Have ID

Visiting pets with microchips (with cellphone numbers attached to the registration) can be quickly reunited with their owners, as can dogs wearing tags. If your visitor does not have an ID tag on their dog, consider a quick trip to get one. Petco has a machine that will make one while you wait.

If Your Dog Goes Missing

The first thing to do is contact the local animal control department and give them the dog's description, where it went missing and how to contact you. Also, contact Friends of Falmouth Dogs.

Use social media, make flyers and contact Cape Cod Missing Pets and Massachusetts Missing Pets. Search the area where the dog went missing and have a high-value treat with you (hot dog pieces are a good choice for many dogs).

We have detailed information on our website about what to do when your dog goes missing.


The shelter is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon, Sunday from 3 to 5 PM and also on Monday and Thursday from 4 to 6 PM.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have several shifts that could use more volunteers. If you have experience with dogs of any size and are 18 or older, please consider volunteering with us. It is very rewarding being able to help the dogs.

In addition to the hours listed above, we have shifts that are not open to the public. We invite you to visit the shelter and learn more about our program.

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