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By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, February 17, 2017

Buster, Jack Russell terrier

Daniel Defoe called it an excess of joy. So did William Blake. And Honoré de Balzac. Heck, even Inspector Lewis of "Masterpiece Mystery" on PBS referred to it. No doubt they all had different contexts.

But when we say it, we're pretty clear. We feel an excess of joy every time a dog gets a second chance at a first-rate life. It doesn't get any better than that. And just as there are countless dogs needing that chance, we know there are countless homes somewhere, just waiting to be filled.

And each week, each day, we wait with optimism to learn of that home. And waiting right along with us currently are Buster, Jack, Juneau and Bea, who are just the latest guests waiting their turns.

* * *

Buster is a 10-year-old smooth-coated fox terrier with a story to tell. Well, actually, he doesn't tell the story but his special friend does. Buster just came back from a little weekend "R&R" at the home of a volunteer. And because nothing rings as true as a first-hand account, we will share what she said about this little guy:

Jack, wire-haired Jack Russell terrier

"Buster has been a delightful companion this weekend. He has wonderful manners in the house. He has been quiet. He hasn't barked, not once. He keeps me company wherever I go. He loves to sit on my lap, in the evening, especially. He's asleep curled up next to me as I write this.

Juneau, boxer

"We took a 2-mile walk with my neighbor and his 10-year-old female Jack Russell and for the most part, they walked companionably together. He walks beautifully on the leash. Doesn't pull at all. I left him home for about an hour today and he was perfectly well-behaved. He is housebroken. Today we visited my next-door neighbor, an older gentleman. Buster was friendly and went right up to him. He even ended up sitting on his lap, too. He seems to like everyone and their laps!"

Please visit our Facebook page to see him mastering a puzzle.

UPDATE: Jack has been adopted! Jack, also a terrier, is a little older than Buster and also full of terrier spirit. But Jack, a Jack Russell, has a different take on life. When he's not out walking and discovering terribly important scents, he wants to be sharing your company. Jack is a very companionable sort of dog. He loves people and loves to snuggle. He has very good house manners, as reported by more than one volunteer who has taken him home on overnights. He is respectful of your possessions and sleeps through the night on his own little bed. As long as it's near your bed. He loves to walk. Three miles? Piece of cake for him. And he walks on leash very well. Jack chooses his canine friends very, very carefully.

Bea, Beagle/Pug mix

Juneau has the coat of a mink, the heart of a gladiator, the build of an athlete, and the silliness of a clown. In other words, he's all boxer. Through and through. Juneau is a 7-year-old flashy fawn boxer of stunning good looks. And every day his sweet temperament shines through more and more. The boxer as a breed looks as if it were bred for business, bred to get the job done. But don't let that serious face and powerful stance fool you. This typical boxer just wants to have fun. He's full of energy and hijinks.

Juneau craves the attention of people. And "craves" would be an understatement. He needs to be with people. He will quickly form a bond with you, and we know that because he is so willing to please, that bond will be one of love and of commitment. Juneau is a strong boy, so will need someone who can handle big dogs. But oh, he's a charmer. You can see him in action on our Facebook page.

Bea is our little puggle. Cute and round—we're working on the "round" part while keeping the "cute" part. Bea, who is 3, is in foster care but can be seen if you're interested. She loves to ride in the car, is good with other dogs, respects boundaries in the house (such as not chewing the legs of your chairs or remote controls), and is all around a very sweet little dog. She clearly embodies the best of both breeds (beagle and pug). She usually visits the shelter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

* * *

Cara, Podengo

We are looking for a foster home for Cara, a tender young dog who will be undergoing orthopedic surgery. This dog will need to be in a home environment to recuperate, so we can't schedule the surgery until that home is lined up. She rode out the snowstorm in the home of a volunteer, who reports that the dog is very, very easy. And housetrained!

Cara, who weighs about 40 pounds, has many fears, so needs a very quiet (adult) home where someone is around much of the time and will help her build confidence. We do know that she loves other dogs. (She and Jack are great friends.) A home with another dog and a fenced-in yard would be a plus, so that she can play and tootle around and explore on her own.

We guarantee it will be worth the effort. Please consider helping out. It will cost you absolutely nothing financially. We will take care of all expenses; you provide the safety and the love. Interested? Please give us a call.

* * *

Just a reminder: our 2017 calendars are on sale for $8. The photos alone are worth the price and display a small representation of the staggering array of dogs we place each year. And we also have great tote bags—large and small, insulated and not, $3 and $5—to carry your calendars home in.

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 5. Love to see you!

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