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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Pamela Alden Kokmeyer

Friday, July 21, 2017

George, German Shepherd

We have a confession to make: we peeked in George's diary just the other day and we were struck by a particularly lovely sentence, one that, no doubt, captures his heart's deepest longing: Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. And we know that in George's case, this is a reality; the best is yet to be now that this adult German shepherd has been restored to health.

Then we thought about it and we grew suspicious. George is smart and sensitive. But not that smart and sensitive. Turns out he "borrowed" the line from Robert Browning.

But then we thought about it some more and decided to indulge him since he has great literary instincts. And George would like nothing more than to enjoy the rest of his life with a family of his very own as they all grow old gracefully together.

George has been in foster care for about two months. He needed the special attention of a foster home as he went through treatment for heartworm. And not only did he come through the treatment successfully, we learned a thing or two about this gorgeous dog.

We learned that George would probably prefer a home much like the one he has become accustomed to these past months—one with thoughtful adults, a quiet lifestyle, strolls in the open air, nutritious food, and lots and lots of beds throughout the house. And you know what: we know such a perfect home is in the wings just waiting to enfold him. Are you that home? Give us a call and we can chat about George.

(And we heartily endorse his purloining Browning's line.)

Cloud, Maltese

Cloud. Our newest resident. Probably a senior. Definitely a cutie. Cloud is a Maltese, small and darling.

But don't let the name fool you. There is nothing ethereal about this little guy. Oh, sure, he is small and delicate and loves to sit in laps. And he'll stare up at you as if he's waited all his life to meet just you.

But he is also solidly planted on terra firma and will make his presence known, until your lap appears or a leash is produced or your attention is focused on him.

We're still getting to know him and will share all his wonderfulness with you as we learn it.

* * *

We encourage those of you who have adopted from us, either recently or long, long ago, to share your thoughts and feelings on having one of our dogs join your family. Here are a few of the responses we have received so far:

Flash's adjustment has been excellent. He has turned into an absolute love muffin!

Benny is extremely affectionate and loves to hug! I love Benny. (3 hearts)

We can feel the love and security Bailey has now that he has found a good home. My children adore him.

Our dog is a treasure and truly amazing soul! We are fortunate to have him in our lives.

Basil is fantastic. Like he's always been here. He is incredibly good-natured. From moment one, Basil has always felt like part of the family and the feeling continues to grow.

So there you have it. Great dogs! Great families! Happy endings!

* * *

The employees at The Falmouth Enterprise on Depot Avenue (across from the bus station) are planning a yard sale on Saturday, July 22, from 9 AM to 1 PM and have invited us to participate. So participate we will! We'll have some dog-specific items and lots of people-specific items, all reasonably priced. Please stop by and at least say hi!

* * *

We are at the shelter Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to noon; Sunday from 3 to 5; and Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4 to 6.

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